Free “Running the Edge” For Everyone!

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This Sunday (September 16th) Adam and Kara Goucher will have been married for 11 years.  On Monday (September 17th) Tim will turn 41 years old. These are two fantastic reasons for a celebration!  

We want to celebrate our anniversary/birthday by giving YOU a present! We have had so much fun writing this blog, posting on facebook, and promoting our book, “Running the Edge” that we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who supports us and shares our running passion.

For two days (September 16th and 17th) you will be able to download the e-book version of “Running the Edge” for free! No strings attached. Nothing else to buy. No mailing list to join, no contest to enter. Totally free!  That comes to $0.00 dollars. Zip. Zilch. Nada!

Just follow this link to the Kindle store on either September 16th or 17th to get our e-book for free! If you already have the hard copy, get the e-book just for fun! If you already have the e-book…We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support! :)

Don’t have a Kindle?  No Problem!

Even though you have to download the book from the Kindle store, you should be able to read it on any computer, tablet, or phone by downloading a Kindle App or reader. It might not look quite the same but it’s free!

So please help us celebrate these two days by getting our book and telling your running friends to do the same!

If you like the book and can spare a few moments, please give us a review on our amazon page!  It totally makes our day when we get a review!  

Thank you again for all the positive energy and support you have given us!  We are truely grateful!

P.S.  Feel free to share this post with your friends!

**Note: If you would like a hard copy of the book, we would love to ship you a signed copy on either of these two days.  Hard copies might not be free but the proceeds help us do what we do!  Shipping is always free on orders of two or more books.  Here is a link to our store.

24 Responses to “Free “Running the Edge” For Everyone!”

  1. Chris

    Very generous of you; thanks! And congratulations on your anniversary. My wife and I are about half way there!

  2. Devon

    OH, you have NO idea how happy this makes me! I just sent off the copy you gave me for our giveaway and the tight budget means that we only ever read library books… so to have a FREE copy on the Kindle is HUGE!!!!! I only got through chapter 2 and was dying that I had to send it to our winner! :) Thank you! Happy Anniversary Gouchers, and Happy Birthday Tim!

  3. Michelle Schaeg

    Thank you very much for offering your book for free! As a pretty new runner (less than 2 years) I look forward to any advice your book may have for me. Happy birthday & anniversary!

  4. AnnaMarie

    Thank you for offering your book for free – so generous! AND not only is it your anniversary, but my b-day as well :) :) – wishing you both a wonderful anniversary and Tim a Happy Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Sierra Stevens


  6. Maryanne Barra

    wow!! What a generous offer!! Happy Anniversary to Adam & Kara, and a very Happy Birthday to Tim! I am 4 weeks away from running my second 1/2 marathon – this book will be an awesome inspiration!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sierra Stevens

    oh… almost forgot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!

  8. Jennifer Vandenberg

    Thank you for making your book free. I have enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading your book. I just finished my sixth half marathon at Disneyland and love to read anything about running. Happy anniversary and birthday! I wish you all much success and happiness in the years to come.

  9. Kelly

    Thank you for such a generous offer!

  10. Jim Hansen

    Thanks for the free book and Adam try a kickbike (footbike) to go along with that Elliptigo.

  11. Scott Camp

    Thanks for the free book. I have an autographed first copy, but it will be nice to have a copy for my Kindle to take with me. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  12. tara

    Wonderful!! I have been looking forward to reading the book :) Shipping to Canada is a bit too expensive for me so it has been on my wish list for awhile.
    Happy Birthday (I just turned 40 last week) and Happy Anniversary!

  13. Lauren Elliott

    Thank you so much! Happy Anniversary!

  14. Kelli

    Thank you so much!!! Happy anniversary & happy birthday!

  15. John Woods

    My bride and I will have 30 in December. You guys are fans of my CC team and me. Congratulations.

  16. Steve Klein

    Today is our anniversary too – 17 years. Congratulations to you and Kara, and I look forward to reading the book.

  17. Emily Doss

    Congratulations Adam and Kara! Happy Birthday, Tim! This is so great, thank you :)

  18. Bethany

    Thank you, and Happy Anniversary!!!

  19. Barefoot Lara

    Thank you for the free Kindle edition! Happy Anniversary to the Gouchers and Happy Birthday Tim! Happy Running to all!

  20. Amy

    Wow, thank you! Happy anniversary and happy birthday:)

  21. Isabel Rivera (@therunningteach)

    Thank you so much! Wow! It’s like Christmas came early! :D

  22. Jennifer Cullum

    Thank you so much!!! I am currently training for my first Marathon. Newport RI Oct 14th and love reading about running…anyways love your blog and thanks for the ebook!!!!

  23. Laurie

    I downloaded onto my iPad using the kindle app yesterday and it worked perfectly! Been reading all night- love it so far!

  24. Ronda Welch

    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!! I can’t wait to read this book. What a neat way to celebrate. Thank you so much!

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